The PITAKA Ecosystem

PITAKA remains one of our favourite smart accessory makers and recently they held a live event announcing their latest line of new products which have been designed to simplify your life by sustainably building a product ecosystem. Put simply, they have changed their design philosophy to be more Eco-friendly, by reusing and recycling products to create an ecosystem of PITAKA branded items that complement your everyday life and the technology you interact with daily.

With a newly refined focus on Eco-living, production, and development, the folks at PITAKA want to continue to target their customers’ needs and plan products from the perspective of people’s lives, connecting to real-life scenarios, while minimizing waste. In other words, they want to inspire people to be conscious of the relationship between humans and each other, objects, and this planet. Let’s look at some of their latest innovations.

The Pita Tag is a series of everyday essentials integrated with the AirTag case, designed to be portable and compact to travel with you. By attaching the Pita Tag gear to your key-chain, bag, and so on, you have easy access to those everyday items wherever you go. Moreover, you’ll never lose them by using your AirTag for tracking.

Firstly is the Pita Tag for Multi-tool, a minimalist multi-tool for everyday carry. Just the size of a car key, this multi-tool has four tools hidden inside, a slot-type screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a 2.0-caliber Allen key, and a pocket knife. In addition, is the very convenient there Pita Tag for Cable which has an MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable embedded and works as a lanyard when not used. Just attach it to your bag or whatever you have, and you can always power up on the go.

For some time now, PITAKA has built a product ecosystem for iPads – Pita Flow for Tablets, which contains magnetic accessories that fully integrate with iPads has helped many people work more efficiently, whether at home, in the office, or in a café. Their new FlipBook Case for iPad is essentially an all-in-one carry bag for the iPad where you simply stick your Magic Keyboard to it and once done, the bag and your device will work as one piece. The Magic Keyboard is opened like a book when you open the bag. And when you close it, everything is folded together. That means you don’t need to unzip to take the device out and open it or close it, then put it in the bag, saving you time and hassle.

Lastly, there is the Pita Go is another new product in the PITAKA ecosystem. It includes a series of carbon fibre suitcases designed with a specific traveller’s needs in mind – for example, short-time business trips, recreational travel, weekend trips, etc. In addition, those suitcases will be modular for easy part replacement and recycling. We will hear more about this series in the winter.

We really like what PITAKA is doing here, not only are they innovating but also creating products that are designed to be better for the environment but also make you more productive while carrying less. All these new releases provide a functional purpose without sacrificing protection and for that reason alone are worth checking out.

To see more, check out the link below:

Prime Student 6-month Trial


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