Synca Hisho Massage Chair

Let’s be frank, your home is your castle. It is the place you should feel the most comfortable, the most at ease, and the most Zen. Sometimes though, after a long day, you need a little extra help reaching this sense of peace in the comfort of your living room. Synca’s Hisho massage chair may be just the right solution you need, offering a full-body zero gravity massage that will help you reach new levels of inner peace.

Back in March we reviewed the CirC+ compact massage chair from Synca and we came away very impressed by its minimalist design, versatile massage options, and ability to recline but we couldn’t help thinking – we wanted more. We were curious to see what could happen if a consumer wanted to level up and bring a full-sized massage tool into their home. Would it still live up to Synca’s promise of bringing wellness through Japanese design and engineering? The Hisho delivers, bringing a more premium at-home experience with fully customizable therapeutic massage modes that can help you relax from head to toes.

The first thing you notice about the Hisho is its larger full-sized footprint, however, it surprised us as it was not all that much larger than their more compact offering, which was reassuring when space is limited. You still get a premium all-leather build, but some welcome additions make this functionally brilliant. Let’s start with its ability to recline into a full “zero gravity” position, effectively reducing the impact on the body by taking pressure off the lower vertebrae, reducing restriction points on your blood vessels, and cradling and supporting your body in just the right way to provide balanced support from the legs to the head.

This is accompanied by a brilliant dual S and L track massage system which seemingly follows the contours of your back hugging the lumbar and neck but also travels directly up and down the back in a straight line, directly extending out underneath the seat to reach the glutes. This system, while being cradled in the neutral posture position, ensures you receive the largest coverage area while also maintaining the highest quality of massage. New with the Hisho is the use of an adjustable and extendable footrest to meet the heights of different consumers but this is also paired with reflexology foot rollers that work to help reduce swelling and tight muscles in the arches of your feet and air compression technology seamlessly massages the calves (and forearms) to increase blood flow. We have also come to love their built-in carbon fiber lumbar heaters that provide soothing heat therapy to loosen stiff muscles.

Lastly, the Hisho delivers 6 different massage modes for consumers to select from using their very intuitive controller. Everything from full body massage to relief and even night massage to help you sleep is on offer here. Using a combination of kneading, tapping, and sync massage techniques, users can select the intensity of the pressure they would like and can even manually direct the massage to problem areas with ease. Our favorite must be what they call the Vigor massage which essentially is like having a big burly Japanese sumo wrestler attack tight muscles like he is training for a battle.

To sum up, the Hisho massage chair from Synca delivers one of the best massage experiences a consumer could ask for without leaving the comfort of your home. The fact that it can target different muscle groups, can fully recline you into a neutral position, and softly massage tight muscles until you fall asleep is all the convincing, we needed to take out our credit card and hit buy. So, ask yourself this question? Can you put a price on good health and happiness? If you answered no, then look at the Hisho today!


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