Hatch Cold Brew Coffee

To brew the perfect coffee is by no means an easy task, it takes time and precision. I don’t mean popping a coffee pod into the machine and hitting go kind of easy either. What makes it even more challenging is when you take that delicious aroma and taste of coffee and brew it to be consumed chilled. The folks over at Hatch Cold Brew Coffee may have just found that happy medium.

Their philosophy is simple, capture the pure essence of coffee in a process that capture the subtlety and true craftsmanship of a cold brew. The process begins by using 100% organic, fair trade coffee beans that are matured and then roasted in small batches. Their coffee is literally then cold brewed – steeped in small batches for 20 hours at a very cold temperature – all the while monitoring the purity and pH levels to ensure quality and consistency throughout the brewing process.

So how does it taste? After trying a smattering of samples these past weeks, we must say we are impressed with the quality and smoothness of their brews. It did take us a while to “warm” up to the idea of drinking our joe cold but we all agree that it is do-able and some even preferred the taste. The general overall feeling is that Hatch cold brew would be even more amazing in the warmer months, something we look forward to as we head into the deep freeze of Winter.

With a subscription service, available, you too can get your favorite cold brew coffee or do it yourself ground coffee sent your way regularly from the folks over at Hatch. A great festive gift idea.

Check them out at http://www.hatchcrafted.com


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