Must Have Cycling Accessories!

This Summer at One Cut Reviews, we have challenged our team by encouraging them to be more Eco-friendly and riding to work. In fact, there are so many of us now that have taken to two wheels, we are bordering on a bike (bicycle) gang. If you are like us and are a 2-wheel warrior that prefers to hit the dirt track over the paved road, then you know the importance of good cycling gear. Here are some of our favorite new accessories just for cyclists.

Coros Safesound Urban Smart Cycling Helmet

You can never be too safe when it comes to hitting the path less traveled and the Coros Safesound helmet should be your first choice when it comes to protecting yourself. Designed for daily commuters, this unique product offers a rare combination of road safety, premium sound quality and prime craftsmanship.

Constructed from Premium EPS impact foam with a reinforced poly-carbonate shell that includes an adjustable, soft-brim, protective visor, the helmet also features a brilliant LED tail light that will keep you visible during the day or night as well as a sagacious SOS Emergency Alert feature that ensures that wherever you are, when the G-Sensor positioned in the core of the helmet detects an impact, it automatically sends an exact mapping of your location to emergency contacts stored in the COROS app.

Safesound, as the name implies, features some clever audio technology with what they call their Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS), essentially allowing you to stream music into the helmet via Bluetooth but still allowing your ears to be open and alert to environmental sounds ensuring your own safety. You can also safely control your music and phone calls with the handle-bar mounted smart remote and the built-in microphone effectively cancels out wind on your ride to ensure clear communication while riding. With 10 hours of battery life, this innovative Cycling accessory will get you to and from your destination safely.

Wahoo TICKR Fit

For those that cycle for fitness, you know all too well the importance of having tangible data on your workout and more importantly hear rate statistics. The Wahoo TICKR fit is a must have for those that truly want to track their cardio health.

To put it simply, TICKR FIT heart rate armband uses optical heart rate technology to provide accurate heart rate and calorie burn data. Worn on the forearm, the TICKR FIT heart rate monitor is IP67 waterproof and comes with an adjustable and super comfortable band that is designed for your most grueling workouts including running, cycling and fitness classes.

What makes this such a brilliant option for cyclists is its Bluetooth and ANT+ capabilities that allows for a wireless connection to both smartphones and GPS bike computers and watches.

It also plays nice with popular third-party apps including Strava, TrainerRoad, Runkeeper, and MapMyFitness. Lastly, with 30+ hours of battery on a single charge, this is guaranteed to last your ride and then some.


Once you arrive at your destination, it is important to secure your ride and the Foldylock may very well be the best innovation on the classic bike lock since conception.

Foldylock, a concept of bike locks that are made of steel links connected by steel rivets allows the lock to form a circle when locking the bike and to be folded into a small case when riding.

This Frankenstein bike lock is a blend of the classic U-lock and Chain lock but offers more flexibility and portability for the rider when traveling between locations. The creators Seatylock, claim that the main goal was to make it better than its rivals in every aspect – Look & Feel, Usability, size, weight and protection level.

Available in 3 models – “Compact”, “Classic” and “Clipster”, all 3 were developed to comply with different customer needs and market demands. The models differ from each other by size, weight, security level and style. There simply are no more versatile or secure options out there.

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